10 Moringa Powder Benefits

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We live in a world where diseases are uncontrollable. As time goes by people are more prone to cancers of different types. Yet, only a few are alarmed. Indeed, we should take heed of what our body needs and not what our perverted tastes tell us. We are in need of nutritive, healthful foods to ingest. We must always be vigilant and should always have self-discipline with regards to health. In this post, we will know 10 Moringa Powder Benefits that are worth to know.

Moringa Oleifera is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree that grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It’s best cultivated in dry regions since Moringa is a sun- and heat-loving plant. [1]

Moringa is also called Miracle Tree because of its powerful nutrient content that it is considered as “superfood”. It is even used to treat malnutrition among infants and nursing mothers. [1] Most parts of the Moringa are edible from immature seeds, mature seeds, flowers, and leaves. In this post, we’ll tackle how beneficial the leaves of Moringa to our body especially when air-dried. Before we go on to the health benefits, let’s take a look at first the comparison between fresh and dried Moringa leaves.

Moringa Benefits
Figure 1. Comparison of Moringa Fresh Leaves and Dried Leaves per 100g.

The figure above shows how these compounds greatly increased when Moringa leaves are dried. Indeed! this crystal clear comparison stimulates me to dry Moringa leaves at home.

Moringa has vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are important in keeping our body healthy. Here’s a more detailed comparison of nutrient contents of Fresh Moringa Leaves and Dried Leaves.

Moringa Powder Benefits
Figure 2. Detailed Comparison of Fresh Moringa Leaves and Dried Leaves.

10 Moringa Powder Benefits

1. Good for Eye and Vision Problems

Moringa Powder is packed with Beta Carotene which is converted into Vitamin A that is essential for the eye health and good vision. It helps protect the cornea a protective outer layer of the eye. Beta Carotene is an antioxidant so it basically protects your body from free radicals. Moreover, Vitamin A also acts as an effective barrier to bacteria and viruses.

Plant-derived Vitamin A precursors such as beta-carotene or supplements containing “mixed carotenoids” are far better and carry a much lower risk of toxicity, as your body will not convert more than it needs. Of the carotenoids, beta-carotene is the most efficient converter. Compared to alpha-carotene or beta-cryptoxanthin, half as much beta-carotene is required to convert into the same amount of retinol. [2]

2. Builds Strong Bones and Teeth

Calcium is needed for a healthy development of bones and teeth thankfully, Moringa Powder has a high Calcium content. Accordingly, all parts of the body are affected when there is a calcium deficiency. It may even result in weakening of nails and slow hair growth. Alongside, eye damage, abnormal heartbeat, and osteoporosis are other complications that will be developed with Calcium deficiency.

3. Regulates Blood Pressure

Insufficient Potassium in our body can lead to hypertension or high blood pressure. Moringa Powder has high Potassium content that may help regulate blood pressure. By gram to gram comparison, Moringa Powder is found to be 15 times higher than the Potassium of Bananas. Also, Potassium deficiency will result in tiredness, leg cramps, weakness and even abnormal heart rhythm. Aside from that, Potassium is also essential for brain and nerve functions.

4. Treats Anemia

Moringa Powder has a good amount of Iron that can help treat anemia. Iron is an essential component of red blood cells that carries oxygen. It also helps your body resist infections. When your body lacks Iron you become easily tired, have headaches, insomnia and even diminished mental performance.

5. Helps Build and Repair Tissues

Protein is necessary for repairing and building tissues in the body. Since tissues and muscles are subject to wear, tear and injury it’s important that we constantly provide our body the daily required protein intake. Our body needs a large amount of protein since protein is considered a “macronutrient”. Powdered Moringa has 9 times greater protein than that found in yogurt.

6. Regulates Blood Sugar

A certain study was conducted by researchers on albino rats that were suffering from streptozotocin-induced diabetes. Researchers monitored the glucose levels of the rats and their glutathione levels (an antioxidant in Moringa that has anti-diabetic properties). The result of the trials showed that rats fed with Moringa extracts reduced their blood sugar levels by more than 2.5 times and increased their antioxidant glutathione from 22% to 73%. [3]

7. Promotes Weight Loss

Moringa is also ideal for weight loss. It has a low Glycaemic Index (a number associated with a particular type of food that indicates the food’s effect on a person’s blood glucose). [4] Contrarily, junk foods and candies have high Glycaemic Index that can speedily increase your blood sugar levels and slows down your metabolism and eventually causes weight gain. Therefore, when you plan to lose weight you should try to avoid these high GI foods. Instead, try Moringa tea, it has low-calorie content making it an ideal food for dieters.

8. Increases Natural Energy Level

Moringa tea gives a boost in energy when taken. How does it work? The nutrient content in Moringa particularly the B vitamins, magnesium, and potassium does the work. These nutrients give your muscles relaxation, relieves depression and headaches. Moreover, Vitamin B1 helps convert food into fuel which in turn used by the body to produce energy.

9. Improves Brain Function

Dried Moringa has a high content of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects cell membranes from oxidative damage. The brain is rich in lipids (fats and fatty compounds) that are vulnerable to oxidative damage from free radicals. Thus, the brain needs a great amount of Vitamin E to maintain its mental function.

A study shows that increased intake of Vitamin E especially in aged individuals prevent or slows the rate of cognitive decline.

10. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Excessive or high levels of cholesterol can lead to serious health problems including heart disease and stroke. If you have been looking for a natural remedy to lower your excessive cholesterol, then you should take Moringa powder now! It helps reduce the bad cholesterol since it contains Beta-Sitosterol a nutrient that blocks bad cholesterol (LDL) build-up and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Beta-Sitosterol reduces the absorption of cholesterol.

How to produce your own Moringa Powder:

  1. Pick the mature, healthy leaves of Moringa.
  2. Wash the leaves in running water. Clear off any yellowish or brownish leaves.
  3. Strain water from Moringa leaves; you can wipe off water using clean absorbing cloth.
  4. There are different ways of drying Moringa leaves depending on your preferences, whichever you may prefer good ventilation should be considered:
    • Spread Moringa leaves on a clean, dry cloth in place where there is good ventilation; or
    • Spread Moringa leaves on a hanging tray using mosquito net; or
    • Hang bunches of Moringa leaves using a string in an enclosed place like a porch.

Drying Moringa can take a week or until the leaves snap off easily.

  1. When leaves are fully dried, you can powder it using mortar and pestle, leaf grinder, blender, mini pulverizer or other tools that can make the dried leaves into fine powder. Store in a closed, tight container.

How to use Moringa Leaf Powder?

  • You can add Moringa leaf powder into any food or beverages. We recommend adding it after you have cooked or prepared your dish to make sure that nutrients are retained.
  • You can make a Moringa tea with a cup of lukewarm water and ½ tbsp of Moringa powder.

You can start taking Moringa powder in smaller amounts since your body may have certain reactions then increase it if you need to.


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