25 Must-Know High Fiber Foods

25 Must-Know High Fiber Foods

Do you want to lose weight? Or you often suffer from chronic constipation? Or perhaps you just wanted to improve gut health? If you do, then you need to know the importance of dietary fiber in your diet. Whether you plan to lose weight, suffers from chronic constipation or want to improve digestive health, you need high fiber foods. These are just a few of the many benefits you can enjoy when you ingest high fiber foods. Here are 25 Must-Know High Fiber Foods you can include in your meal plans.

Let’s get to know first, what is dietary fiber?

Dietary fiber or also called roughage is the indigestible portion of food obtained from the plants. [1] So, meat is, therefore, nothing to do with fiber as it is only found in plant cell walls. Dietary fiber has two main integrals 1) soluble fiber and 2) insoluble fiber.

Soluble Fiber

The Soluble fiber is a type of dietary fiber that can be dissolved in water and binds with fatty acids. It attracts/absorbs water and becomes gel during digestion. Hence, it slows down the digestion process. Here are some of its benefits.

Benefits of Soluble Fiber (High Fiber Foods)

1. Promotes Regular Bowel Movements [2]

Soluble fiber softens stool allowing it to easily pass through your GI tract.

2. Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Soluble fiber prolongs digestion, therefore, blood sugars are released and absorbed more slowly. Thus, it helps regulate blood sugar levels especially for people with diabetes.

3. Reduce Risks of Heart Disease

Soluble fiber lowers total cholesterol and LDL or “bad cholesterol”. This fiber binds to cholesterol substances in the digestive system and moves them out of the body before absorption.

Picture this out, if you do not ingest more high fiber foods the LDL “bad cholesterol” ( the main source of artery-clogging plaque) [3] you gain from the food you eat has nothing to bind with. Thus, it is being absorbed into the bloodstream making you more prone to artery clogging which leads to heart disease.

This excessive cholesterol in the blood may increase your risks of heart attack or stroke.

4. Supports Weight Loss Program

Soluble fiber makes you feel full longer. Hence, it helps you restrain from eating more often which aids you in your weight loss program.

Insoluble Fiber

While soluble fiber dissolves in water, insoluble fiber is the opposite. It’s a structural portion of the plant that does not dissolve in water. [4] This fiber does not change its form and is not absorbed in the blood. Instead, it adds bulk to your waste in the digestive system which in turn helps you in having a regular bowel movement and prevent constipation. [5] Here are some of its benefits.

Benefits of Insoluble Fiber (High Fiber Foods)

1. Helps Prevent Hemorrhoids

Insoluble fiber helps absorb and sweeps away toxins from your digestive system. It also helps in passing more stools or promotes bowel movements regularly eliminating the chances of constipation (one of the major cause of hemorrhoids).

2. Lowers Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Because insoluble fiber promotes regular bowel movement, toxic wastes (cause of many diseases) do not stay long in the colon. Alongside, it also plays an important role in controlling the pH in the intestines where cancer cells grow in acidity (low pH) and suppressed in alkalinity (high in pH).

Recommended Fiber Intake

Experts suggest 25-30g of fiber per day (6-8 grams soluble fiber) [6]

25 Must-Know High Fiber Foods

Here are 25 high fiber foods you should incorporate into your diet to reap those mentioned health benefits of high fiber foods.

Food Serving Size Dietary Fiber (g) % DRI/DV Soluble (g) Insoluble (g)
Chia Seeds 100 g 34 113.33% 8.5 25.5
Coconut 1 medium 35.70 119.00% 3.90 31.80
Bulgur (Dry) 1 cup 25.60 85.33% 4.30 21.30
Flax Seeds 1 cup 25.50 85.00% 13.80 11.70
Avocado (Florida) 1 medium 17.00 56.67% 3.06 13.94
Chestnuts 1 cup 16.70 55.67% 3.50 13.20
Almonds 1 cup 15.90 53.00% 1.60 14.30
Lentils (Cooked Dried) 1 cup 15.60 52.00% 1.20 14.40
Black Beans 1 cup 14.97 49.90% 4.13 10.84
Dates 1 cup 13.40 44.67% 2.20 11.20
Lima Beans (Cooked Dried) 1 cup 13.20 44.00% 7.00 6.20
Chickpea (Cooked) 1 cup 12.46 41.53% 3.87 8.59
Guava 1 cup 8.90 29.67% 1.50 7.40
Pumpkin Seeds 1 cup 8.80 29.33% 2.40 6.40
Oatmeal, Dry 1 cup 8.60 28.67% 4.00 4.60
Barley (Cooked) 1 cup 8.50 28.33% 1.80 6.70
Raspberry 1 cup 8.40 28.00% 0.90 7.50
Wheat 1 cup 8.19 27.30% 1.38 6.81
Blackberry 1 cup 7.60 25.33% 1.40 6.20
Sweet Potato 1 cup 7.60 25.33% 2.80 4.80
Green Peas 1 cup 7.58 25.27% 2.07 5.51
Brussel Sprouts 1 cup 6.40 21.33% 3.90 2.50
Carrots 1 cup 5.20 17.33% 2.20 3.00
Broccoli 1 cup 5.15 17.17% 0.59 4.56
Okra, cooked 1 cup 5.10 17.00% 2.00 3.10
Apple 1 medium 4.37 14.57% 0.44 3.93
Pears 1 medium 4.00 13.33% 2.20 1.80
Mango 1 medium 3.70 12.33% 1.50 2.20


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