How to Cure Stomach Ulcer Completely and Naturally

How to Cure Stomach Ulcer Completely and Naturally

Have you been suffering from stomach ulcer? If you do, then I’m quite sure you need this easy, harmless and natural remedy just like I did. I was once suffering from stomach ulcer before. I have been through that kind of pain in the stomach that worsens with or without eating. But, suffer no more! Here’s How To Cure Stomach Ulcer Completely and Naturally.

Although you may find some other effective remedies for stomach ulcer, I would like to share this which works best for me.

What is a stomach ulcer?

Stomach ulcer also known as gastric ulcer or peptic ulcer is a break in the lining of the stomach. Most common symptoms are pain in the stomach worsens with eating, vomiting and belching. [1]

Causes of stomach ulcer

The following are the common causes of gastric ulcer.

1. Infection from Helicobacter Pylori

This bacterium cause chronic inflammation in the stomach which in turn impairs the mucosa and eventually causes a sore or ulcer in the lining of the stomach. [2]

2. Prolong use of NSAIDS (NonSteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

Long term use of NSAIDS such as aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen suppresses the production of prostaglandins (prostaglandins inhibits acid secretion, protects mucosal damage). [3]

3. Physiological Stress from illness

This stress-induced ulcer may arise from serious physical illness which may include surgical operations, severe injuries, especially cerebro-cranial trauma, septicaemia, during intensive therapy, in persons with respiratory or renal insufficiency, in cases of carcinoma and many others. [4]

4. Excessive Alcohol consumption

Although it may seem controversial, let us always remember that anything that is taken in excess never brings good to the body. Consumption of alcohol in excess may bring irritation to the stomach lining and may increase the risk of developing sores or ulcers.

Why Moringa is Good for Stomach Ulcer

Moringa leaves are packed with powerful nutrients that help heal stomach ulcer effectively. These nutrients include quercetin, beta sitosterol and beta-carotene. [5]

Moringa is a good source of quercetin.

According to a study published in PubMed indicates that quercetin (found in Moringa) possesses gastric cytoprotective and healing-promoting actions in gastric ulcer. [6]

Also, moringa is a great source of beta-sitosterol.

Beta-sitosterol has an antigastroulcerative activity that can help heal stomach ulcer according to the study published in PubMed. Accordingly, this beta-sitosterol has the same effects of cimetidine (a synthetic medicine for stomach ulcer that inhibits stomach acid production). [7]

Moringa has ample beta-carotene (a Vitamin A Precursor)

Another study published in PubMed shows how effective beta-carotene is in the treatment of peptic ulcer. Further, the study specifies that the administration of beta-carotene speeds up the reparation of stomach and duodenum ulcers.[8]

Furthermore, this study also shows that vitamin A and beta-carotene have gastric cytoprotective properties that prevent the development of gastric mucosal lesions. [9]

Specifically, moringa leaves have more beta-carotene than carrots. [10]

How I Used Moringa to Cure Stomach Ulcer

Because I know how painful and agonizing stomach ulcer is, I would like to share how I was completely cured with moringa leaves. But before that let us see why it (moringa) works effectively with a stomach ulcer.

How to Cure Stomach Ulcer Completely and Naturally
Fresh Moringa Leaves

Here’s how I used Moringa leaves to get rid of gastric ulcer.

1. Pick fresh moringa leaves. 3-4 petioles will do.
2. Wash thoroughly in running water.
3. Use mortar and pestle to mash the moringa leaves in order to remove its extract.
4. Drink the fresh juice early in the morning on an empty stomach.
5. Repeat the process every day for 5-7 days.

I can’t promise you a good taste of fresh moringa leaves but believe me it works well with a stomach ulcer. After I have taken this remedy I didn’t have problems with stomach pains anymore even if I sometimes have late meals (of which I discourage you to do).

Few Tips to Avoid Stomach Ulcer:

1. Spicy food
2. Tomatoes
3. Chocolate
4. Coffee
5. Soft drinks

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