Low Glycemic Foods for Diabetes

Low Glycemic Foods for Diabetes

Do you think you are at risk of developing diabetes? Or are you having difficulty battling this hard to overcome disease? If you are, maybe it’s time to change your lifestyle. As diet plays a very important role in the treatment of diabetes you should change the way you eat and change what you eat. Here are Low Glycemic Foods for Diabetes that you can start adding to your diet oftentimes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a condition where blood sugar level of a person is higher than normal over a prolonged period. [1]

Low Glycemic Foods for Diabetes
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Types of Diabetes

1. Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

This type of diabetes is a condition where the pancreas produces little or no insulin. [2]

Insulin is a hormone that allows your body to use and store sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates in the food you ingest. It is insulin that regulates the blood sugar levels in the body. Apart from that, it plays various roles in the body’s metabolism. [3]

2. Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

This is a condition in which the body fails to respond to the insulin produced by the pancreas. This is also referred to insulin resistance. [4]

3. Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is another type of diabetes which affects pregnant women. During pregnancy, women tend to develop high blood sugar levels. [5]

What are the common symptoms of diabetes?

1. Frequent urination
2. Increased thirst
3. Frequent hunger
4. Dry mouth
5. Numbness of feet and hands
6. Development of yeast infection
7. Weight loss

How can you prevent or reduced burden of diabetes?

It’s all about self-discipline. Changing your lifestyle can help fight diabetes gradually, although at times it doesn’t work like magic.

1. Maintain healthy weight

If possible chew the food properly. Chewing the food slowly enhances saliva secretion which helps digest the food you eat.

Moreover, this can help you eat less and avoid overeating.

2. Physical activity

Regular exercise for diabetes improves blood glucose and can help prevent type 2 diabetes according to a study.

It is, therefore, necessary to always keep yourself active.

You can do a 30-minute walk or climbing stairs for minutes or even fun physical activities.

3. Eat low glycemic foods

Particularly, glycemic loads are classified below:

0-10 low glycemic load

11-19 medium glycemic load

20 and over high glycemic load

4. Avoid the use of tobacco

Smoking increases insulin resistance and creates harmful effects in diabetic patients. [6]

Low Glycemic Foods for Diabetes

Low Glycemic Foods for Diabetes

You may have heard about glycemic load. Why is it important for diabetics?

A study published in PubMed shows how a low glycemic index or a low glycemic load of food minimize medications, lessens the risk of complications, improve quality of life and prolong life expectancy. [7]

Glycemic load (GL) of food is a number that assesses how food portions affect blood sugar levels. GL is calculated by glycemic index multiplied by carbohydrates / 100. Specifically, the lower the glycemic load the better it is for diabetic persons.

Here is a list of low glycemic load foods (0-10 glycemic load score) ideal for diabetic persons. [8]

You can start adding these foods to your diet more often.

Fruit Serving Size (g) Glycemic Load
Grapefruit 120 3
Lemon 120 3
Strawberries 152g (1 cup) 3.6
Pear 120 4
Watermelon 120 4
Guava 120 4
Apple 120 g 5
Oranges 120 5
Peach 120 5
Pineapple 120 6
Grapes 92g (1 cup) 6.5
Papaya 140 6.6
Kiwi 120 7
Mango 120 8


Vegetable Serving Size (g) Glycemic Load
Broccoli, cooked 78g (1/2 cup) 0
Cabbage, cooked 75g (1/2 cup) 0
Celery, raw 62g (1 stalk) 0
Cauliflower 100g (1 cup) 0
Mushrooms 70g (1 cup) 0
Spinach 30 g 0
Tomato 123g (1 med) 1.5
Carrot 80 2
Parsnips 80 4
Taro (peeled, boiled) 150 4


Beans and Nuts Serving Size (g) Glycemic Load
Green Beans 135g (1 cup) 0
Soy beans 150 1
Peanuts 50 1
Chickpeas 150 3
Split peas (soaked overnight) 150 3
Cashews 50 3
Peas, Frozen 72g (1/2 cup) 3.4
Green Peas 80 4
Lentils 150 5
Mung beans (soaked, boiled, 20minutes) 150 5
Baked beans 150 6
Black beans 150 7

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