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Business software solutions for your consulting business do not need to be complicated: the best choices are those that are simple and prepackaged. Despite being a computer expert, there is no need to develop custom business software solutions.

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Business software solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the right business software solutions at the start will save you a lot of time. Time you can spend growing and developing your business. Here are a few tips.

Keep your business software solutions very simple. Many times we’re tempted to think that if we had a magic piece of software, the business would run itself. Not true. Computer consulting is not going to run itself regardless of the type of business software solutions you are running. It’s a people business that relies on relationships not software.

Recommended Business Software Solutions

Make real simple choices:
Use Microsoft Office, Outlook, Publisher, Word, and Excel.
You will use these business software solutions very heavily.

Use a time, billing, and accounting package that provides business software solutions to small business. Quickbooks is a good, simple choice.

Get a good contact management package. Use a business software solution like ACT.

For basic research use the tools at support.microsoft.com. Their knowledge base is tremendous and you’ll likely be working on Office, Windows and Microsoft SBS all day.

Don’t reinvent the wheel and try to build these solutions yourself. There are very good and inexpensive business software solutions on the market that will do 99 percent of what a custom built program will do. Your time is much better spent doing more networking.

The Bottom Line on Business Software Solutions

The best business software solutions for a small business are the ones that come pre-packaged. Remember, you’re not in business to develop business software solutions. You are a consultant who only needs the basics to run your own business. Leave the fancy business software solutions to others and be there to implement or troubleshoot them as required.

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