Title: PHPBB2: Selecting the Correct Update

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Keeping your PHPBB forum up to date is essential toward assuring that your site is safe from hackers and includes the latest changes. As a forum manager you control how your site is managed, keep informed and stay on top of all changes as they are released.

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In my previous articles about PHPBB2 I shared with readers my experience in shifting over to this type of software and I also listed some of my favorite mods and styles. If you already have downloaded PHPBB2 and are running it on your computer you have a great piece of open source software at your finger tips. As with any program you must keep it up to date. Let?s take a look at some important things to consider in keeping your program current.

First of all, the best thing you can do is to subscribe to the opt-in mailing list for notification of any updates. You must subscribe as no one will automatically tell you your site is out of date although your administration panel will give that information to you. To opt-in please visit www.phpbb.com to subscribe.

Next, when updates are announced you must select between two methods: a ?changed files only? update or a ?patch? update. If you haven?t made any extra special modifications to your program than the first choice is what you want. Simply download the information to your desktop, unzip the files, and follow the installation instructions on how to update your board. If you have added on some modifications than a ?patch? update is for you. If you select the former method you will delete all of your modifications. Thus, only a patch update is what you want in order to keep your modifications in place.

So, that?s it. Make sure you receive notifications of changes as they occur and select the right update for your board. When an update is announced, plan on installing sooner rather than later as many updates include important security improvements that can help to close holes in the program.

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