Title: Recent studies show that 9 out of 10 PCs are infected with Spyware

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Internet connections are infected with Spyware or other types of information-gathering Malware.Supportcave.com offers free antispyware software programs, helping computer users to protect their computers as well as their personal privacy.

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Spy Sweeper named PC Magazine’s Best of the Year 2004 for

The very best AntiSpy program on the market –

Webroot Spy Sweeper. Webroot Spy Sweeper was named best
spyware remover 2004 by PC magazine and praised for it’s
efficiency, speed and userfriendlyness.

Spyware and malware are large problems for Internet users today
and can be both annoying and a real threat to you and your
computer. There exist a number of different spy and malware of
which some are relatively friendly and only spies on your surfing
habits, while others like the Trojans can be used to corrupt your
hard drive or steal your usernames and passwords. A Trojan can
even be used to steal your identity by extracting all necessary
information from your computer.

You may think that ad ware might not be that bad, that it is good if
the ads are chosen to fit your interests. This might be true if the
spy ware didn’t have a number of other negative effects, such as
an increased amount of pop up ads, unexplained home page
changes, strange results when searching the web and the fact
that your computer are being slowed down by the spy wares.
These are all very common results and symptoms of spyware and
ad ware. More unusual problems connected with spyware and
Trojans are the corruption of the hard drive, the loss and exposure
of private information and login information and in a worst case
scenario, the theft of the identity of the owner of an infected

Spyware is a large treat to the security of your online privacy.

There are however steps that you can take to avoid suffering the
negative effects that spy- and ad ware can bring, and start
protecting you computer and building an Identity Theft Protection.
The first of these steps are to get a good antispyware and
antiadware program able to remove spyware. There are a number
of different spyware removers available and two of the most well
known might be Ad Aware and Spybot which are both good
programs. The best available program that is designed to remove
spyware and adware is however at the moment SpySweeper
which was chosen as the best spyware remover 2004 by PC

Spy Sweeper can scan your computer 30% faster then other
available products and successfully remove spyware like
CoolWebSearch. Spy Sweeper also uses a system monitor that
automatically discovers spy ware and prevents installation of
spyware on our computer. Spy sweeper is effective for spyware
and adware removal.

The active shield uses System Monitoring to in real time prevent
new spy- and adware programs from being installed on your
computer. This fact combined with the fact that Spy Sweepers
uses a constantly updated database of all available spy- and ad
wares means that this adware remover can clean your computer,
ridding it of any and all spy- and ad ware. Once it has cleaned your
computer it can keep it clean and assure that your computer stays
clean from ad- and spy ware.

By keeping your computer free from spyware and adware Spy
Sweepers also protects your information and keeps your identity
safe. Spy Sweepers prompts you to update it if it has been to long
since it was last updated.

If spy sweeper finds a spyware it will immediately quarantine the
spyware and disable the spy wares functionality until you can
decide whether to delete the file or try to clean the file from
spyware elements and return the file to its original place on your
hard drive.

If you have a problem with Spy Sweeper despite its highly user
friendly and automated design you will have access to an excellent
customer support where experts answers any question you might

Spy Sweepers deserved the title PC Magazine’s Best of the Year
2004 since it can do everything the alternatives can do, but better
as well as faster then the alternatives.

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