Title: Reclaim Your PC from the Internet Spies

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Most Internet users recognize the need of protecting their computers against viruses, as the vast majority of us sooner or later become painfully aware of these nasty little programs when they shut down our PC, spam our mailbox or delete our files.

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Viruses are, however, not the only malicious software
programs out there. The newest addition to the evil software
family is the so called Spywares and a good anti-virus
program or firewall is not enough to safeguard against these
clever programs.

Spywares are known by many names such as adware,
trojans, malware, browser hijackers etc. The thing they all
have in common is that they will transmit your personal
information to companies and individuals who have an
interest in knowing about your surfing habits, online
purchases, credit worthiness, interests, web searchs, chats,
birth date and even your credit card number. The list goes on
and on, since Spywares are constructed by promotional
companies who need to know as much as possible about the
online consumers to target them effectively. By ewes dropping
on you online, these companies hope to be more successful
when sending out promotional materials.

Spyware usually enter your PC by piggybacking on other
software downloads. Every time you use downloaded or
otherwise shared files, including Freeware, Shareware or p2p
sharing programs, you stand the risk of unknowingly infecting
your computer with Spyware. Even confirmed virus free music
files, films and computer programs can have Spyware
stowaways. Once inside your computer, they will hide, monitor
all your actions and promptly start telling your secrets to
anyone willing to listen.

Contrary to most viruses the Spywares actually make an effort
not to be observed. Since they won??t cause obvious harm
such as deleting important files or shutting down your
computer, they can thrive in your PC for years without you
noticing, sending out massive amounts of information about
all your online habits.

At a first glance, you might find this annoying but essentially
harmless. Why not let the companies send me promotional
material about things I am actually interested in? Spyware is
however far from harmless, since the infiltration by Spyware
not only let the companies know about your latest online
search, but also much more private matters such as credit
card details, online purchases of medicine and your private e-
mail correspondence with family, friends and business
partners. There are even examples of how this massive
gathering of personal information has led to an overall loss of
privacy and stolen identities. In the computerized world of
today it is not hard to imagine the amount of damage and
personal suffering the fraudulent use of a persons?? identity
can cause.

It is obvious to anyone that we must start combating the
Spyware programs, but the best way of doing this is not to
panic and pull the plug on your PC, never go online again and
keep five feet away from all Freeware. There is a much better
solution: http://www.supportcave.com

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