Title: Save Memories by Time-Stamping Photos

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If you value your memories, if you want to know when and where your pictures were taken after many years, time-stamp your photos automatically with TimeToPhoto.

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Back in the film days, many point-and-shoot cameras had an extremely useful feature most modern digital compacts are regrettably lacking. The feature was called Quartz or Time-Stamping depending on the manufacturer. The idea was simple and clear: time-stamp every frame with the exact date the photo was taken. While many argued that the pictures were spoiled that way, I always wished that my twenty-something year old photographs could tell me when they were taken. Alas, that was not the case twenty-something years ago. It’s not the case today, either.

Back then, only a few expensive models were equipped with that useful feature. Today, all digital cameras, even the cheapest models, record the date and time each picture is taken, storing this information somewhere in the file. While you can access this information from your computer if you are persistent enough, there is no way to tell the date when and where the picture was taken after it’s been printed.

Fortunately, there is a perfect solution to this issue. TimeToPhoto (http://avpsoft.com/products/timetophoto/) can time-stamp your digital pictures completely automatically by putting a camera date stamp on your photos. Better yet, unlike stamped film, it leaves the non-stamped originals intact, satisfying the purists as well as the rest of us.

The fully automatic operation is possible as TimeToPhoto is able to access the hidden information about your digital pictures that is stored in EXIF format. The exact shooting date is stored there. You can time-stamp all photos at once, specifying your own font, position, and color of the date stamp. In addition, you can stamp pictures with extras such as GPS information or the name of the place pictured, the file name, or just about anything else such as the names and ages of your kids at the time!

Needless to say, you keep the non-stamped originals. We like time-stamps, but why stick with the same font and color if it is possible to change it with a couple of clicks? Besides, your mom and dad would be happy to accept a picture of your family signed for them with a special note, not just stamped with the date. Of course, you can easily do this over and over again, with different stamps, shapes and colors by simply using TimeToPhoto.

If you value your memories, if you want to know when and where your pictures were taken after many years, or if you simply want to send pictures of your kids accompanied with their names and ages to your relatives, download your free demo version of TimeToPhoto now: http://avpsoft.com/products/timetophoto/

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