Title: Shocking Facts about Updating Your PC Operating System

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Many everyday Internet Users do not know why they must keep their computer Operating Systems Up-To-Date – and many don’t even know what an Operating System is!

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From “ignorance is bliss” to “surprise attack and disaster” – how
many thousands of Internet users have experienced this
frustration and grief?

This raises the obvious question: “Why haven’t they prepared to
avoid it?”

The startling fact is that there are many long term Internet users
who have never even considered updating their Operating
Systems and protective Safe-ware.

Perhaps the complexity of it all contributes to what might be
described as User apathy – or indifference and a lack of enthusiasm
toward the following:

* The news of yet another vulnerability or patch process.

* The potential damage to computer, personal information and
reputation – i.e. the “It can’t happen to me” attitude.

* Their own abilities – i.e. “I’m too old, too dumb, too whatever – to
learn how to fix a computer without breaking something.”

* Updating – i.e. “My computer came with an anti-virus program, so
why does it need to be updated now?”

The sad fact is that the lack of confidence people have in their
ability to build a defense often leads to a reluctance to even accept
the reality of Cyber Threats.

Some of the lesser-experienced Internet users rationalize their
lack of action with pessimism, even defeatism. Human nature often
supports these excuses with defensive attitudes and mis-beliefs

* False sense of disaster support – “My nephew, neighbor, son or
whoever, is a computer whizz. They’ll be able to fix the problem if
anything ever happens.”

* Scepticism – “All this talk about viruses is just so the “news
people” will have information for publishing, and so the software
manufactureres can scare people into buying more of their

* Ignorance (of the extent of deception, skills and sophistication
that the malicious hackers have attained).

* Disbelief (that personal computer might be infected and used by
others to spread malicious viruses and worms). “My computer
seems to be working ok – a little slow, maybe, but it is getting
pretty old.”

* Overwhemed (too many choices with firewalls, anti-virus, anti-
spam, anti-spyware, Trojan removers). “Why do I need all of these
and which ones should I use?” or “Do I really need to update my
Operating System, my anti virus, spam, spyware stuff?”…I’ll just
never learn how to do all of this.

* Expense (How much will all this cost and is it really necessary?)

* Fatalism – “Hey, if it’s going to happen, it will, and I’ll just junk my
computer and get another one. Mine’s getting kind of old,

Here, then, are the Shocking facts about updating PC Operating

There are many unaware Internet users who have been online for
years, but lack in these ares:

* They don’t know what “Updating” really means.

* They have never responded to the popup message associated
with the icon in the Task tray that announces new Windows

* They have never clicked on the Windows Update icon in the
Program Start menu.

* They have never visited the Microsoft Windows Update web
page at http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

* They have never updated their PC Operating Systems.

Even if they have been able to navigate to the Microsoft Update
webpage, many just throw up their hands in despair at the
overwhelming number of choices and unknowns, such as:

* Choosing what to update from the long list of options.

* Waiting for Windows to check the registry for available updates.

* Deciphering the Update descriptions (and instructions).

* Selecting or Removing the necessary options.

* Starting the download.

And oftentimes, many people have never even used the Windows
Help information to find out how to update their computer
Operating Systems.

How many self taught or untrained computer users are going to
persevere through all of the hassle described above? Is it any
wonder so many computers become infected? The criminal Hackers
building their bot and zombie armies have nearly an open and
undefended playing field; many are using it every day to steal
money and identities.

So, what is the solution to this problem?

If individuals with computer “understanding” would help and assist
others with less knowledge, there would probably be less of a

Nearly everyone who has faithfully kept their PC Operating
Systems and Safe-ware up to date surely has family members and
friends who could benefit from an hour or so of basic instructions.
This would make it much more difficult for the criminal Hackers to
compromise another persons computer.

Hacker’s would eventually be faced with a growing number of
adequately protected computers, educated Users and hopefully
would finally give-up trying!

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