Title: True Mobility ? Switch From Network to Network in a Click

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If you use a notebook on different networks, you have to spend time on resetting and reconfiguring network settings. Learn how you can switch between network settings with one click.

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That’s how it looks. You have a job that is about using a notebook with a network connection in different places. Each time you change your location, including returning home, you have to spend time on resetting network settings, which keeps you away from optimal efficiency. It includes changing settings not only for network but also for your browser, e-mail software, shared files and more. Why does it have to take so long? That kind of question keeps bothering you each time you get from one network into another. And just as you thought that adjusting settings was an unavoidable routine, Net Profile Switch stretches out a helping hand.

Net Profile Switch means no more bother with network settings at all, create profiles to apply preconfigured settings and you’re ready to go. You can even import current settings to create a profile in no time. Now all network-related adjustments will only require a few seconds, you won’t need any more than that. Once you have defined settings in the program’s profiles, a single click will get the job done any time you need it.

Net Profile Switch wouldn?t be so useful without a number of additional handy features. Along with network settings the tool offers a simple way of adjusting web browser proxy settings. It works not only for standard Internet Explorer but also for Opera and Firefox as well. The program can also be used to instantly map network drives and configure firewall settings. And you can make it set other SMTP-server for email software. Lastly, Net Profile Switch can change your default printer. Altogether these features comprise an ultimate set for fast and trouble-free network switching, so if you seek true mobility Net Profile Switch will make a huge step towards it.

What?s more, it is especially convenient that the software works equally smooth with both Windows XP and Vista. For the latter it means that Net Profile Switch complies with UAC (User Account Control) and needs no administrative permissions. Thus you can be sure that fast network switching on the latest OS from Microsoft, as well as on XP, won’t give you any trouble. Open new advantages of being mobile with Net Profile Switch.

Why it gets faster with Net Profile Switch:
? Everything to be configured while network change is taken into account
? One click handles all network-related settings at once
? Switching profiles is much faster than managing settings manually

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