Title: Web 2.0 technologies and SOA at Softweb Solutions

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Softweb solutions inc offers offshore custom software development, web based application, web designing,Web 2.0, SOA, localization and test outsourcing.

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Web 2.0 technologies and SOA at Softweb Solutions

The Softweb Solutions team has acquired vast expertise in designing & implementing business solutions based on Web 2.0 technologies. We offer the most comprehensive & complete Web 2.0 based solutions that will help your organization to capitalize on the advances of computing technology and put it to optimal use. Our approach involves extensive interactions with cross-functional & inter-departmental resources in your organization right from conceptualization to delivering the final solution.

Web 2.0 is not a new technology or a new set of rules. Web 2.0 is an idea. At the heart of Web 2.0 is the idea that the Web is a platform. Not an advertising platform, but a platform where users control their own data and from which scalable services are offered. Web 2.0 is about services rather than packaged software and it is about offerings compatible with many devices (mobile phones, portable gaming consoles, different internet browsers, etc).

Softweb Solutions is a provide now SOA, Traditionally, IT works with business owners who are influenced by application vendors. This results in IT strategies that are application or integration-focused. This results in many ?one-off? applications that may or may not be integrated into the existing architecture. Problems surface when mergers and acquisitions introduce new software platforms and methodology to an already fragmented architecture, but IT rarely has sufficient resources to complete business systems integration. As a result, IT often ends up deploying multiple systems that perform the same tasks within an enterprise or business unit.

Service Oriented Archhitectures (SOA) The New Paradigam Download Whitepaper

Call us now to find out how our Web 2.0 solutions and SOA can transform your business.

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