Title: Will Easy Web Video Reduce the Video File by 90 percent or shrink you wallet to one-tenth the original size?

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A review of the software Easy Web Video and details if it can reduce the file size by 90 percent without a decrease in quality.

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Easy Web Video

On a multitude of levels with its ease of use Easy Web Video has taken the hassle, anxiety, time, and even space requirements out of putting your videos on-line.

The idea of the product is to first shrink the size of the file without sacrificing the quality. If you have uploaded videos before you find out quickly even with a broadband connection and fast computer the completion process isn?t breaking any speed records.

Easy Web Video decreases the size of the file by 90 percent. The upload time is much quicker to the user and if it is for your own website, the total storage needed per video is significantly less than using a typical format such as MPEG.

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Not only can you view a video demo of the product before purchase but if you don?t have a website Easy Web Video will let you use their website for storing your files. They even offer an eight week money back guarantee with the purchase.

Once the software is installed you can even customize the look of the buttons such as the play and fast forward. The latest version has the ability to cue to a specific spot on the video. For instance if you want to go right to the one minute mark, it is right at your fingertips.

Sometimes Easy Web Video will offer a bonus for the purchase. During September they included a separate program to edit video without needed extensive knowledge.

Seeing is believing!

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